Deng Yuan Taiwan THC-1550 RO Box Water F

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Product Warranty: 1 Year
Made in: Taiwan
Brand: Deng Yung
Model: THC-1550
Purification Stage: 5 (4+1) Stage
Family Usable: 1-5 Persons
RO Element: Membrane (USA Technology)
Reserve Tank Capacity: 15.00 Liters (MAX)
Production Capacity: 07.78(±) Liters per Hour

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Deng Yuan filter utilizes Globe’s most technically innovative RO water purifier.The 5 stage of RO water cleanser systems such as chemicals, microorganisms, viruses as well as salts, making the water 100% pure.

In the Deng Yuan firms to enter the Chinese landmass market, about in 2005, the world started to make use of the water purification industry fast setting up to decrease the complexity of the era of setting up, and also Deng Yuan likewise adhered to the marketplace demand for water pump setting up needs The pump head assembly style transformation, to ensure that customers can a lot more easily setting up. It needs to be kept in mind that the present Flavor Yuan fast M-pump head is used in constant pressure structure.

Deng Yuan giving 100% risk-free and tasty drinking water. Finest fit for residences and offices. Deng Yuan includes a system for far better efficiency as well as longevity of the RO membrane layer.

It additionally has an automatic flash valve which ensures the membrane layer’s longevity. Made in Taiwan, Membrane- U.S.A. that guarantees the optimal safety and security and also efficiency. It’s an outstanding Reverse Osmosis system & capable of removing over 99% of all organics & microorganisms in addition to 95% of TDS, ideal for a family/small office.

Initial Filtration

While the initial filtration by RO membrane layer, having porosity as fine as 0.0001 microns, properly eliminates also liquified pollutants (hard salts, heavy metals, and so on), the double purification by UF makes sure protection versus bacteria and also viruses making your drinking water 100% pure.

Additional information


Pump: (KJ-2600) Made in Taiwan
Faucet: Push Type
Purification Technology: Reverse Osmosis
Production Capacity: 50 GPD (189.00 ± Liters per Day)
Dimension: 27 X 33 X 46 CM
Operating Power: 220V (DC-24V 1.2mA)
Certifications: SASO, ISO14001, ISO9001, Water Quality

Purification Stages:

1st Stage: 5 Micron PP Sediment Cartridge Filter
2nd Stage: Inline Multiayer Sediment Cartridge Filter
3rd Stage: Inline Carbon Sediment Cartridge Filter
4th Stage: CSM (Korea) RO Membrane Cartridge Filter
5th Stage: Inline Carbon Sediment Cartridge Filter

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Deng Yuan Taiwan THC-1550 RO Box Water Filter

৳ 28,000

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